The Scoop on Steviacane.

Pour a cup of coffee. Or slice a piece of cake. Steviacane® can sweeten both with all the wonderful taste of sugar, but with approximately 1/3 the calories. Then read on about the great taste and even greater difference steviacane® can naturally make in your diet.

Stevia's Story

Stevia has been one of nature's pure sweeteners for centuries. Originally grown in the mountains of South America, stevia has been added to teas, beverages and foods by several South American cultures. Eventually, stevia found its way to the rest of the world where it has been used as a zero-calorie, all-natural sweetener for beverages.

Steviacane® versus other stevia sweeteners: Taste the difference.

Stevia is celebrated for its zero-calorie sweetening abilities and its intense sweetness. Steviacane® uses pure stevia and pure cane sugar to to give you a natural sweetener that’s just naturally sweet. Enjoy it in your coffee or tea, or use it to bake your favorite recipes — just like you would sugar.

Approximately 1/3 the calories of sugar

Steviacane® allows you to cut a great deal of added sugar from your diet without losing any of the taste. By combining zero-calorie stevia extract with pure cane sugar, we’ve created a sweetener that maintains the same level of sweetness as sugar, but with less actual sugar. And because stevia is so naturally sweet, you use half the amount to achieve the same sweetness as you would with sugar.

Pure stevia and pure cane sugar together

A completely natural process is used to combine pure cane sugar with pure stevia extract. Together, they provide all the great taste you expect from pure cane sugar, with approximately 1/3 the calories. Use steviacane® as you would sugar in all your baking and beverages.

Bake with fewer calories, but all the taste..

If you’ve ever baked with a sugar substitute, you know that it’s just not the same. Until now. Steviacane® contains actual pure cane sugar. That means you can bake with steviacane® and achieve great results. Simply substitute ½ cup of steviacane® for 1 cup of sugar and enjoy crunchy cookies, moist brownies and perfect pies — with approximately 1/3 the calories of sugar.

Sugar in your diet

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has introduced a new food pyramid that encourages a diet lower in added sugar and fatty foods. Using steviacane® instead of sugar is a perfect way to help you and your family achieve a healthier diet and meet these new guidelines. For more information about the new food pyramid, please visit

Kosher statement

Read more about our Kosher certification here.

Glycemic Index

Sugar has a moderate glycemic index (GI). By comparison, wheat bread and brown rice have similar glycemic indeces. The popular belief that sugar should be avoided because it’s perceived to have a high glycemic index is misleading.*

Stevicane has approximately 1/2 of the GI of sugar when used at equivalent sweetness levels.  For those looking for lower glycemic index foods in their diet, steviacane® is an ideal option for sweetening.

 *The Sugar Association

Non-GMO and Gluten-Free

Steviacane® contains pure stevia extract and pure cane sugar. That’s all. It contains no artificial bulking agents. Nor does it contain sugar beets, which in some cases are genetically modified to grow bigger. Steviacane® is also gluten-free, manufactured in a plant that does not process any wheat or wheat products.

Feingold® Association

The non-profit Feingold® Association has listed Imperial Sugar's and Dixie Crystals' granulated sugar, powdered sugar and brown sugar, as well as Steviacane® by Natural Sweet Ventures® to be free from synthetic colors, flavors, fragrances, certain preservatives and all artificial sweeteners. For more information, visit

Natural sweeteners versus "Natural" sweeteners

Steviacane® is truly all-natural. It’s nothing more than pure cane sugar and pure stevia extract. Some other natural sweeteners contain man-made sugars or bulking agents – which are not natural. Make sure you know exactly what you are serving your family and rely on steviacane® for your baking and beverages.

Nutritional Information

Find out more about each steviacane® product.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Steviacane® packaging is made from 80% post-consumer recycled content. We encourage you to recycle the container once it’s empty and help keep our environment as healthy as possible. Click here to find a recycling center near you.

A history of bringing you the best

Steviacane® is a product of Natural Sweet Ventures® (NSV). NSV is a joint venture between Imperial Sugar®, the makers of the pure cane sugar you’ve always depended on for your baking and sweetening, and Pure Circle™, a leading provider of natural sweeteners to the global food and beverage industry. Together, they’ve created an all-natural sweetener that tastes like sugar – with 1/3 the calories of sugar. 

Steviacane® is the newest way for you to show your family they deserve the best. Baking, beverages and sweet treats become the day’s highlight, made just right with sugar taste in every sip and bite.

Wholesome® natural sweeteners

Our affiliate, Wholesome Sweeteners®, focuses on alternative natural sweeteners. For more information on everything from agave nectar to Fair Trade honey, please click here.

Renowned Pastry Chef Eddy Van Damme on steviacane®

For several years I have taught a course named healthy baking, it is part of the curriculum where I teach and due to its popularity, it fills within a day. Clearly, students really do want to know more about baking for special diets. Naturally when they prepare desserts in the bakery kitchen of a health food store, a resort, hospital etc, they need to know how to bake in a healthier way. In this particular course, I address several dietary needs such as gluten free, low fat, lactose free and reduced sugar baking. The subject matter is very interesting to me as it poses unique challenges and it requires me to perform lots of recipe testing. One thing I have learned for sure is that even though a cake or cookie addresses a certain dietary need, most people still want a final product which is very close to the original version.

When I was introduced to steviacane® I was most attracted to the fact that it is all natural. Anyone who reads my blog or uses the On Baking book knows that only natural ingredients live in my pantry. Once I started to bake with steviacane® I was delighted to discover that it bakes extremely well and has a most excellent favor.

To this day I have already developed several recipes using steviacane® and all with great success. Since I only use half the amount of sugar, I usually will add some type of moisturizer to the recipe. You see, sugar makes cakes, cookies, pie fillings and such moist and tender. Once you only use only half of this great moisturizer, it is a good idea to bring in a little extra moisture some other way.

This is how I do it: If my favorite recipe for let’s say brownies needs 2 cups of sugar, I use only half that amount of steviacane® (1 cup). But, I do add some other moisturizer agent. The amount I use is usually about half to slightly more than half of the steviacane® amount, thus ½ cup up to 2/3 cup. Some of the moisture replacers I use include buttermilk, apple sauce, raisins or prunes pureed in a little water or orange juice to obtain a paste (like baby food) Which speaking of baby food, prune puree is always available readymade in the baby food section. Which one of these to choose is up to you, but if your recipe already calls for milk or buttermilk, just add more of that. Cookies and brownies in general do very well with raisin or prune puree. (You will not be able to detect a prune flavor!) Butter cakes love buttermilk and cakes made with oil like apple sauce or prune puree. I bet my little trick will prove to help you obtain really good baking results with steviacane®.