Steviacane® actually tastes good.

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A completely natural sweetener
made of pure stevia and pure cane sugar.
With approximately 1/3 the calories of sugar. With no chemicals or fillers.
And tastes like sugar.
Life can be full of
sweet surprises.

Sugar has met its match.

Stevia has been nature's pure source of sweetness for centuries. We combine it with pure cane sugar for a completely unique way to make your baking, beverages, and sweet treats naturally delicious. 

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Bakes naturally.

Cake is delicious. So are crunchy cookies, moist brownies, and perfect pies. Use steviacane® like you would sugar in all your favorite recipes for scrumptious, natural baked treats. Search recipes.

Tastes like 

sugar but with

less calories.

Experts tell us that a healthy diet includes less added sugar. Steviacane® lets you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet without losing any of the great taste. It has approximately 1/3 the calories of sugar. Read more.

Less sugar.
More added love.

The best reason to replace sugar with steviacane® just walked in, looking for a cookie. Satisfy both her sweet tooth and your concern for her health with a scrumptious steviacane® goodie. Read more.